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Achieving Results is the foundation of LDG Financial Services* growth and reputation. Our primary focus is creating lasting client relationships based on reliability, integrity and service.


The benefits to you:

Accounts are worked methodically under a controlled system to maintain a consistent high level of contacts. As your collection service, we act on your behalf, while still providing the distance of a third party. With that in mind, extreme care is taken to maintain the goodwill and reputation that you as a credit grantor have worked hard to achieve. Our reputation is as important to us as yours is to you.

When we receive your accounts at our office, the collection process begins without delay. Within 24 hours the initial collection letters are generated and mailed. These accounts are then delegated to collectors who are dedicated to your inventory. Each account is handled on a individual basis by an experienced Collection Specialist who will work meticulously to bring it to a successful conclusion.

LDG Financial Services, LLC. is a professional receivables management company and does not rely upon threats or any other deceptive practices.

Statistically, it is a proven fact that the longer an account is in a delinquent status, the more uncollectible it becomes. The rate of collections for past due accounts depends upon the forethought of the creditor. Those organizations that are willing to identify and react to changes quickly are able to recover their money more efficiently and at a lower overall cost.

Today's families are mobile and more transient than ever before. LDG Financial Services utilizes state of the art resources and skip tracing techniques to locate those individuals that have either moved, changed their jobs or hidden their assets to avoid meeting their obligations. Our skip tracers and collectors use the country's most comprehensive information databases; as well as, three national credit bureaus. All of this is available to the skip tracers and collectors at a touch of a button and at no additional cost to you.

Computer automation for the collection industry has changed dramatically over the last decade and will continue to change in the future. The major contributing factor for these changes has been the rapid technological advances. LDG Financial Services, LLC. understands that for a Collection Agency to remain competitive its' automated capabilities must be able to embrace these changes and make long term decisions to keep ahead of the game. We have recently enhances our computer system hardware abilities so that we will be able to accommodate any advances in software through the next ten years. For our industry specific software we have teamed with Collection Agency Management Systems, Inc. (CAMS), a full service data processing company on the leading edge in collection systems.                              



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